21: And we are live on Kickstarter!

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I have done it, I have spherical  pushed the button. Now all I can do is wait and hope. To my first two backers I want to say a huge thank you for taking a leap and getting the ball rolling.

I finally decided to do away with the different flavors of Globe and instead keep it to a single lower cost device. Anyone who wants any sort of bespoke artistic version can always contact me separately and place an order that way, but otherwise it keeps things nice and straightforward for this first project.

Getting all the media has been a massive pain, mostly because I don’t know what i’m doing with cameras and I have limited access to facilities in which to work. Unfortunately when I just about had the code working perfectly and had switched over to using a proper video camera, the HDMI through the slip rings decided to die. Well, not die as such, more like go into spasm, whereby frames were just starting at random positions. I guess that as they wore just a little bit it was enough of an impedance switch to throw the data off. To be honest I was slightly surprised it worked so well in the first place.

So I was in the middle of setting up the Pi Zero W module and trying to sort out the kinks with that when I realised that it was simply mad to delay the projects release any longer, already being about 2 months late, so here we are. If I get any additional good media I will update the KS page, but if not I think what I have already is good enough to at least illustrate the concept.

If anyone has any feedback on the KS page please do drop me a message on here or there. I am new to this and much better at engineering than marketing.



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  1. Only discovered this on Kickstarter today and have already pledged. What an absolutely beautiful project and similar to what I have been planning to do myself – only far better. What’s been holding me back is the mechanicals of reliably spinning the PCB and then synchronising it all. Your design choice of an FPGA will I’m sure be far better solution than my PIC32-only approach.
    You’ve done a wonderful job I can see, so I’m delighted to back your project.

  2. @Andy Grace Thank you for your pledge! A lot can still be done with PIC32s, they were in fact what Globes precursor used, check out my second blog post which explains what I was able to achieve and I’m sure you will be able to top it. https://catleytech.com/2017/01/19/persistence-of-vision-mark-i/
    Regarding the spinning, I encountered a very similar issue, as the motor speed varied the image would appear to drift slightly backwards and forwards. What sort of motor are you using at the moment?

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