19: All coming together

I finally have all the pieces of the puzzle; the shaft is anodised, the laser cut steel plates are in and painted and the pulleys have finally turned up. My aim is to have the Globe prototype completed by the end of this week and the Kickstarter live early to mid next week so I have a huge amount of assembling and cabling to get through. The guys in the workshop have heard the words “today’s the day” so many times now that it’s lost all weight and if my PhD supervisor wasn’t the most relaxed Greek in the world then I would be in some serious trouble.

I am about 75% of the way there; the individual panels are assembled and just need bolting to the frame, the shaft needs inserting through the bearings, pulley and slip rings, the HDMI and USB connectors putting on everything and a final tightening of all the nuts and bolts. It should be possible to get all of that done in a day so I am tentatively going to say…today’s the day.

In other news; my company is now registered with Companies House which is cool and i’m in the process of applying for a business bank account. I don’t want a large amount of money flowing through my personal bank account and you need to have your bank details sorted before your Kickstarter goes live. Depending on how long it takes HSBC to scrutinise my application and say “but you’re a broke PhD student, what could you possibly need a business bank account with, at the point of application, virtually zero investment for?”. There wasn’t a tickbox for “I’m opening this account so I can proceed with my KS campaign and hopefully I will reach my funding target, but I could also far exceed it but it’s hard to tell…oh and it could also be a total flop”.

So that’s about it for now. As soon as I have the prototype working, some pictures and videos of it working I will make this blog accessible.

2017-07-25 13.33.16
Black anodised shaft
2017-07-27 09.50.28
Frame with top and bottom plates on
2017-07-27 09.54.24
Read plate from outside
2017-07-27 09.55.03
Rear plate inside, just need the ribbon cable from the VFD to control panel


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